A cookie is a small text file temporarily stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer. Nearly all websites use cookies, and sites may not function properly without them. A cookie contains a randomized identifier, which allows the web service to identify the user’s device and gather information on what pages the user visits and what operations they perform.


Cookie usage and statistics

The website uses cookies to save the user’s language selection for future visits. The site also uses Google Analytics software to collect data on how the site is being used. The purpose of this data is to help discover what users want from the site and how they can best be provided with the information they need.

Our cookies are not used for personal identification, but for improving the site’s functionality.


Managing and deleting cookies

The user is free to manage and/or delete any cookies. Instructions can be found e.g. at Most web browsers can be configured to block cookies completely. Note that the site may not function properly without cookies.

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