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Meet the Futuriots!

Pick a world-class data scientist, solution architect, information security specialist, cloud guru, and software expert. Infuse with bold vision and relentless drive, and you have a recipe for a flying start!

In August 2016, we began concepting a high-growth company that would create software products for global markets, with the megatrend of digitalization as the guiding light. We adopted Lean Startup as the business development method, Design Thinking as the approach to co-create with customers, and Agile as the software development philosophy. We believe magic happens at the intersection of these!

We named our venture “Futuriot” (fjuːt͡ʃəˈraɪət) as it reflects both the seismic digitalization disruption that affects every industry in every country and our passion for shaping that future – we are futuriots at heart!

During the autumn, we interviewed tens of companies and identified three universal problems. First, their data live in several disconnected systems, for example in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and so forth. Second, the amount of data and the number sources is growing exponentially, especially due to Internet of Things (IoT) as companies start receiving information from their production process, products on the field, customers, etc. Third, most companies actually don’t have a clue about how to utilize their data for real, significant business improvement and hence they miss big opportunities.


In one sense, data is like oil: when properly refined and pumped through a finely tuned analytics engine, the wheels of business accelerate with unprecedented grip. Futuriot’s mission is crystal clear: We enable companies to boost revenue, leapfrog productivity, and increase customer satisfaction through digitalization. Our advanced analytics & smart dashboards product connects to corporate data silos and provides real-time, actionable insights to business performance, from C-level to shop floor.

We are a very experienced and competent team of ten Futuriots with track record of delivering outstanding analytics solutions. We know the value in data and how to leverage that for radically improved business, productivity, and great customer experience. In addition to fascinating projects, the buzzing startup environment and awesome colleagues make us tick!

You cannot predict the future, but you can create it. On 30th November at #Slush16, the leading startup event in Europe, we successfully launched Futuriot Inc. Our exciting journey into shaping the fourth industrial revolution has started!


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