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Futuriot wins the DENSO innovation challenge

Futuriot wins the DENSO innovation challenge

Mobility Revolution Industryhack with DENSO took place on August 21st – August 22nd in Helsinki, Finland. DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers. Their broad vision is to support mobility needs of citizens around the globe, providing mobility experiences that deliver new value for users with the highest standards of safety and quality, and that are accessible by everyone.

Mobility as a service, or MaaS, brings different means of transportation together to a single service, easily used and paid for. Through the innovation challenge DENSO was looking for solutions, user experience and innovations to be used to serve the urban citizen to conveniently get from point A to B. In this challenge the focus was on the consumers who would use these services as well as car and fleet owners. Team Futuriot accepted the challenge and came out with a winning concept.

We would like to thank DENSO, Industryhack and fellow hackers for the inspiring and brain tickling two days in sunny Helsinki!

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