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Futuriot wins Fiskars hackathon

Fiskars hack Futuriot winning- eam

Talking Plants #industryhack with Fiskars took place on June 8th – June 9th in Helsinki, Finland. Fiskars is one of the oldest companies in the western world. Having started in ironworks over 365 years ago, Fiskars is now a world-known producer of gardening tools and kitchenware, that represent innovation, functionality and cutting-edge design.

The challenge was to to experiment with Thing2Data, in attempt to design and build digital services for Fiskars gardening products. Fiskars wants to help all home gardeners to achieve their gardening goals by giving them personalized and valuable guidance as well as access to relevant services like sharing and recycling of tools, seeds and plants. With the help of Thing2Data, the products could potentially carry additional information and valuable content, such as user instructions, or offer an interface for creating direct service requests for the product or making changes in its ownership. Another relevant opportunity for Fiskars is improving the traceability of the products throughout their lifecycle – how could Thing2Data be used to help with this?

Futuriot team was one of the six teams accepted for the challenge. This time, our winning combo was one software architect, one data scientist, and one business developer.

”Our long experience in consumer electronics industry helped us see the real customer pain points, and we found ways to help and solve the problems with smart analytics.”, says Mika Toivola, Business Developer at Futuriot.

We’d like to thank Fiskars and Industryhack for a challenging and interesting hack, and excellent spirit among the fellow hackers!