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A growth company needs an ERP with room for growth

ERP on yrityksen kasvuraketti

Above all, ERP is a tool for business development. In this article, Janne Suominen,  Customer Success Manager, Futuriot Dynamics 365, presents his thoughts on an ERP system suitable for a growth company.

One of the most important questions when choosing an ERP system is what the company’s future plans are.

Regardless of the service model you choose, the life cycle of an ERP system in a company is several years. During that time, significant changes take place in the company, its operating environment and technology. The company is internationalizing or investors are joining. It is therefore worth choosing a system of the right size, with room for growth and the opportunity to expand into international operations. This way, there is no need to change the system as the business grows, emphasizes Janne Suominen.

The transition of ERP systems to the cloud has changed the acquisition of ERP systems from an expensive, long and risky development project to a rapidly deployable and flexible service. Trial versions of the system will be available in a couple of hours. Artificial intelligence and machine learning enhance data utilization, but special attention should be paid to the basic reporting capabilities of the system.

When the implementation of key functions is done in agile fashion, the system becomes quickly productive. But when a company chooses a system for itself, it is good to challenge its own practices at the same time. How can the system better guide the employee in their work? Janne Suominen reminds.

Everything goes mobile

The choice of an ERP system today is above all a choice of platform, it extends from office software to reporting and analytics. Futuriot implements Microsoft’s enterprise solutions for its customers. Role-based thinking makes applications user-friendly when thinking of employee roles instead of a system.

The systems are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 software, where sales and ERP functions are seamlessly integrated into the Office software, and the entire process can be handled from quotation to invoice in Outlook. Sales systems can be integrated into Teams, Janne Suominen says.

Microsoft SME systems such as Dynamics 365 Business Central and sales and customer service solutions can be expanded as needed with Microsoft Power BI reporting and additional tools created by the Microsoft partner network, such as online shopping. Futuriot has achieved Microsoft’s highest level of Gold expertise in data analytics, data platforms and cloud platforms.

For an internationalizing company, the software includes ready-made language packs and localizations that meet country-specific requirements. System experts can be found in every country. Microsoft’s Power BI reporting solution is fast becoming one of the leading BI systems and is unbeatable in terms of value for money, Janne Suominen sums up.

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The article, written by Kati Halonen, was originally published on September 11, 2020.