KA-MU received all the benefits of the ERP system through reporting

KA-MU engineering workshop

KA-MU is a Finnish contract machine shop specializing in contract manufacturing. Their customers are Finnish export companies known for their high-quality products. KA-MU wanted to develop its ERP with reporting designed for the company’s needs. Futuriot implemented a solution for KA-MU, which means that the business information needed by the company is always up-to-date and easy to use.

The modern custom machine shop processes a lot of information on a daily basis. The speed and ease of data processing are important factors in streamlining day-to-day operations. This was also the case at KA-MU, where CEO Juha Järvi wanted to develop ERP with flexible Business Intelligence (BI) reporting. The goal was to create an up-to-date, interactive, and easy-to-use view of the required ERP information.

Reporting planning began with a joint workshop at KA-MU’s Karstula workshop. Juha had a clear vision of development projects that would facilitate and streamline the company’s operations, on the basis of which Futuriot set out to implement the solution. The reporting was implemented with the market-leading Microsoft Power BI reporting and analysis service, which was connected to the CGI C9000 ERP system used by KA-MU. The content, search functions and visual appearance of the reports were designed according to the customer’s needs.

KA-MU’s Juha Järvi was pleased with the result: “With the help of the Power BI system, we have access to up-to-date information in an easy-to-read and visual format that facilitates decision-making in our daily work.”

Power BI reporting by Futuriot significantly speeded up and facilitated KA-MU’s data processing. Previously, data was compiled manually into Excel files or distributed as report outputs from ERPs. Thus, the rapid utilization of information was difficult. Now the up-to-date information can be read without delay from the Power BI browser service, and the desired view of the information can be obtained literally at the touch of a button. For KA-MU, this means a significant streamlining of day-to-day decision-making and operations, and ultimately better customer service.

“Working with Futuriot was easy. Development ideas and desired changes to the system were quickly implemented, often during the same Teams meeting. As a customer, the quick response to needs and development ideas convinced us of Futuriot’s good expertise and ability to serve us”, says Järvi.

After a successful project, KA-MU plans to expand its reporting and analytics to new applications. One of the new things will be the utilization of the production information board used by KA-MU for publishing Power BI reports. The creation of new reports is fast, and after the Power BI training provided by Futuriot, KA-MU will also be able to develop reporting independently.

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