Geotrim is upgrading its ERP and CRM systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions

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Geotrim will renew its business systems during 2022. The project will introduce a completely new ERP system and adapt the current CRM to meet the company’s current and future needs.

Geotrim chose the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP as its new ERP system. The new system will coincide with the company’s existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM customer relationship management system.

The new ERP system will be implemented in Geotrim with a fast and flexible delivery model. Deployment takes place using the standard functionalities of the system, modifying them lightly to meet the specific needs of the company. At the same time, the company’s current CRM system will be adapted to better meet the company’s objectives.

The aim of the development project is to develop Geotrim’s sales and product management. In addition, Microsoft’s cloud-based business system works seamlessly with the company’s current Microsoft 365 work environment. The flexibility, scalability and easy connectivity of the new system make it a reliable solution well into the future.

“It is important for Geotrim Oy in the definition and implementation phase that we have a partner who invests in the project and is actively involved in developing and, above all, sparring us. An SME does not have too many own resources or experience in such change projects, and therefore the functionality and transparency of cooperation is paramount to achieving a successful outcome. ”, Timo Sääski, CEO, Geotrim.

“It’s great to be involved in developing Geotrim’s business solutions. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is particularly well-suited to the needs of a growth-oriented SME. ”, Mika Toivola, President and CEO, Futuriot.

More information

Timo Sääski, CEO, Geotrim,, +358 40 502 6666

Mika Toivola, CEO, Futuriot,, +358 40 7284890


Geotrim is founded in 2001. Geotrim is Finland’s leading company specializing in surveying, construction, GNSS positioning, spatial data and geospatial operations. Geotrim is Trimble’s importer and authorized reseller of technology in its field. The company offers comprehensive solutions and services for various industries, both public and private. In Finland, Geotrim is responsible for Trimble’s authorized service, technical support and training. The company also offers the Trimnet VRS service and other versatile, flexibly customizable services from equipment rental to consulting.


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