How it all started

Our company was founded in Tampere, Finland, by four guys who wanted to make digitalization simple and effective for every business. With backgrounds in data analytics, software, and product development at Microsoft and Nokia, the team was set to help businesses unleash their full potential through smart digital services.


Creating better business

Futuriot provides BI and analytics, business management (ERP/CRM), data and cloud, and software expertise solutions for better business. We are a Microsoft Gold partner and a trusted expert in digital transformation. Our services and solutions have helped businesses in different industries to achieve more from their data and resources.


Our culture

At Futuriot, we let the employees define what makes a great work environment. Our workplace concept is created using service design methods, and we never stop improving it. We are all about making great services for our customers, and what could be better than doing this in an equally awesome workplace!


Mika Toivola

Mika Toivola runs the company. He has previously led megaprojects in consumer electronics industry. Mika has a degree in communications, and he just happens to be the only one of us speaking Russian and Mandarin.


Miikka Tuori

Miikka Tuori is our technology guy. He has held several senior titles in software industry. Miikka started his career with digital signal processing and he still likes to code for fun. Miikka enjoys learning something new about artificial intelligence every day.


Heikki Sassi

Heikki Sassi is our marketing and analytics guy. His earlier career has taken him from hardware design to software product management. Heikki wanted to become an architect, and now he applies his creativity in service design.



Microsoft Gold Partner

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